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"Older sister" Needed for Canadian Family

"Older sister" Needed for Canadian Family

Author -  Saskatchewan Family

This Canadian family are looking for a new au pair to be a big sister to their gorgeous 3 boys. 

Below is their host family letter. If this sounds perfect for you then enquire below & we can find out if they are still on the hunt! 




Dear Au Pair,

We have decided to find an au pair because we need help looking after our children and with some light housework. We are looking for an au pair to be a big sister to our children and to become another member of our family. We have had one au pair in the past (she is currently still living with us), and she has been with us for over a year now. We are so sad to see her go but excited for her future life ventures. We are in need of another big sister for the boys.




We are a busy family of 5 living in a small rural town in Saskatchewan. I am 30 years old. I am a Registered nurse working on a labor and delivery unit in Lloydminster (about 1.5 hours away). I also run two home based business’; health and wellness coach and an online retail store. My husband’s runs our mixed grain & farm. We have three boys; 6, 4, and 2. Our oldest is the sensitive one; he enjoys the farming lifestyle, reading, learning and exploring. He loves animals and loves helping his dad and grandpas with the cows and chores (both of his grandfathers are farmers as well). He wants to be a farmer when he grows up. He will be attending grade one in the fall, the school is walking distance from our home and he will be in school full time. Our middle is our wild child. He is very outgoing, independent, and has no fear. He loves playing outside, running, jumping, hockey and baseball. He wants to be a cowboy in the dessert when he grows up. He is currently attending preschool in Meadow Lake (45 min away) and loves it. Our baby is a mommy suck and loves to eat. He loves to cuddle, he loves his blankie and he loves trying to keep up with his brothers. He is our last one in diapers as the other two are both potty-trained and I will be potty training him by the fall.He will also be in preschool after Christmas.




My husband and I have very unconventional schedules. I work shift work; they are twelve hour shifts plus I have to do the occasional on call shift. When I am working I stay with relatives in Lloydminster (usually two nights max). I work 7 shifts a month. Wes has busy times with farming; calving, seeding and harvest. During these months he will rarely be seen and you might be expected to keep the kids overnight on some occasions. We require someone who would be open to being very flexible and work together in determining a schedule, possibly even week to week. The boys also partake in numerous spots throughout the year so this is also an area we need assistance with.

We lead a very busy lifestyle and we are finding it hard to manage with out assistance. With having the three boys and my husband and I working numerous jobs, we have decided that an au pair would help us to give our children more quality time with someone (either with the au pair or with us). We would enjoy it if you are a person who enjoys doing many activities with the kids; coloring, biking, playing outside, reading stories, etc. Our prime objective is for our children to be happy and well cared for and this is where we want you to help us. We are looking for a ‘big sister’ for our boys; we want you to feel welcome and become part of our family while you are here.

As a family, we try to do activities aside from working. In the winter, we often go ice fishing or snowmobiling. In the summer, we often go camping, boating, fishing, swimming and quadding. We are looking for someone who is adventurous and would enjoy these things also and we fully invite you to join us!




We do not have any children with special needs, but our boys are very close in age so it can be hard to keep up with at times. We are looking for someone who manages stress and chaos, as well as someone who can keep up with their energy levels. Our parenting style is authoritarian. We want to discipline when discipline is required.

Our family is part of an agricultural exchange program called IRE. We have had many different young people from all over the world come stay at the farm and work for the farm via the exchange program. We have had a lot of experience with this type of program and welcome it completely. We currently have a young man from Switzerland at the farm. Our boys have grown up experiencing a person from a different country/culture every year.




The town we live in is quite small so the au pair that joins our family must be willing to see the beauty in a small town, peaceful life. We are in walking distance to cafes, grocery stores, parks, churches and the school. Larger centers are 35-55 minutes driving distance away.

We have a very open door policy in our home but we will not condone opposite sex overnight stays. We do not allow drugs or partying in our home either. We expect the au pair that will be with us to be respectful and law abiding. This respect will be mutually shown.




We are very excited to bring someone new into our home as a big sister for our boys. We think we would be a great host family because we truly understand how such exchange programs work, we have experience with it and we welcome you with open arms. We have the ability to show you the true great white north and experience rural Saskatchewan first hand.
Yours Truly

Apply Below or call us on 09 6321138

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