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Mothers Help Wanted in Acton, London

Mothers Help Wanted in Acton, London

Author -  Acton, London Family

Mother’s help required for lovely family living in Acton, London, W3.

Husband is an estate agent and Wife is a nutritional therapist. The family have four children – a boy aged 4 years old, who attends school daily, a girl aged 2 years (who may be starting nursery next April) and twin girls aged 8 months old.

The family have a spacious family house with five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a large garden which is well furnished with all modern conveniences.

They keep no pets and are non-smokers. The family are of the Christian faith.

The family employ a cleaner for 5 hours each week.

Mum is looking for an extra pair of hands to share the duties with. She is hoping to start work again for possibly 2 days per week once the Mother’s Help is settled and into a routine. The duties would be to get the children up, dressed and take the oldest to school or 2 year old to playgroup/classes every morning. To be able to the children to play dates, to pick up from school, taking them to the park/playgrounds and swimming lessons, walking the twins in the buggy, helping with homework/reading, preparing healthy meals, sterilizing bottles, bathing them and putting them to bed. To be able to read them stories at bed time.

Domestic duties will be to put the children’s washing on daily and put away clothes when dry. To change the children’s sheets weekly. To clear away toys at the end of the day and keep the kitchen and bathroom clean after use. To empty the dishwasher.

Babysitting will be required twice weekly.

To be able to accompany the family on holidays to grandparents in France.

Mum feels she will need up to 9 hours per day with a 2 – 2 ½ hour lunch break.

Large double bedroom with en-suite bathroom on separate floor offered to Mother’s Help. They also provide wifi, tv and a dvd player.

£220 salary to commence with a review after 3 months.

Apply Below or call us on 09 6321138

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