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Mother’s Help Required in Battersea, London

Mother’s Help Required in Battersea, London

Author -  Battersea Family, London

Mother’s Help for lovely family in Battersea, London, SW11. 

Mum is a designer and works part time and her office is very close to the house. Dad is in private investments.

The family have two boys aged 5 and 3 years old. The 5 year old attends full time school and the three year old is at nursery in the mornings.

The family have a four bedroom, four bathroom sized house with all modern conveniences and the Mother’s Help would have her own double bedroom with ensuite bathroom, tv, internet and music system.

The family employ a cleaner for the heavier duties of the house.

They enjoy tennis, swimming, and the arts.

The position would be to work from 7am until 7pm with a break during the day. To get the children up and dressed each morning, give them breakfast and walk them to school. Mum will often collect the oldest from school but if she is unable, she would expect the Mother’s Help to step in. To collect the 3 year old from nursery, give him lunch and be able to entertain and amuse the children with arts and crafts etc in the afternoons. To be happy to take them into the garden or park when the weather is fine and kick a ball around! To help with tea and bath time and be happy to read to the children.

Household duties would include emptying the dishwasher and putting the washing on, folding and putting away each day. Keeping the boys bedrooms tidy and clean, changing sheets when necessary, keeping the kitchen and bathroom surfaces clean after use and tidying away toys at the end of the day.

Weekends would be free but babysitting will be required up twice per week.

£220 salary per week offered.

The family are looking for a responsible but fun girl to have around their home and know that when they go to work the household is running smoothly. Patience and common sense is important.

Apply Below or call us on 09 6321138

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