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Look after twin girls and 1 boy in Hangzhou, China

Look after twin girls and 1 boy in Hangzhou, China

Author -  Hangzhou Family

Hello! We are the family from Hangzhou. I am the host mom, you can call me Nicky.

We have twin daughters, whose pet names are Shuang Shuang and Xi Xi. The connotation of these two names is double happiness coming to our house. They are 5 years old, outgoing, curious and happy to see and talk to you. The big twin sister has a gentle personality, and is a family-oriented girl who takes care of little sister and brother. The little sister is more active and has a lots of fun ideas. They both like listening to stories, singing, dance, painting and playing games with their friends. Our son is only 19 months and is just learning how to speak. He is curious about everything around him.

When they stay at home, sometimes foreign kids will visit them and they get along very well. The twins are always eager to communicate with foreign aunts and uncles in English, and they will sing for guests. They are looking forward to the foreign brother or sister coming to live with them, and teach them new things from outside world. So, we are all looking forward to your coming, being a part of our family, and being our friends, family, children’s friend and playmate.

Hangzhou is a city which has beautiful scenery and a profound culture. It is harmonious and civilized. Moreover, there are various legends in West Lake. We love to go out to taste delicious foods and have a vacation in short distant towns on weekends. If it is convenient, we will take you and the kids to visit some places .

We hope you are a positive, outgoing, kind, person who loves kids and speaks pure English. We hope that you an teach our three kids English, create an English environment, form a relationship with our kids, have fun with them, and nurture their abilities, like morality and habits. We hope that you can help them to be independent, optimistic, kind, strong and brave people. We are willing to learn the culture and customs from your country, so that our kids can learn more of the world, and grow to communicate with many different people from different cultural backgrounds. At the same time, we hope you feel happy at our home, and learn more about Chinese culture and customs. I will be glad to improve my English skills and willing to teach you the ancient classic Chinese literature!

Good luck
Host mom, Nicky



From Monday to Friday, Shuang Shuang and Xi Xi go to kindergarten. They come home at 4:00 pm, so we do hope you can come back with them by foot when you pick them up (it will take 5 minutes). When the twins are at school, the little brother will be looked after by the babysitter. After school, you can play games with them and study during fun time.

Their dad has his own company, but will stay at home about 2 or 3 days per week. On weekends, we will take the kids out and have fun, like go to West Lake. The kids will also do activities like painting and Lego.


Activities in Your Area

Cinema, concerts, theatre, culture and art performance. Painting, calligraphy, eating out. We are 1km to hospitals, post offices, supermarkets and shopping malls. Our house near the bank.

Apply Below or call us on 09 6321138

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