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AuPair Needed for 3 Children in Holland

AuPair Needed for 3 Children in Holland

Author -  Pops


We are a loving big family, with one little boy Harvey who is almost 2 years old. We have twin boys born in March 2018. As you can see it will be very busy and hectic, but also a lot of fun, hugs and love with three little boys in the house. 


Harvey is a very cute little boy. I would describe him as very kind, funny, friendly and loving baby. He also knows what he wants, has temperament, wants a lot of attention and is very curious to learn and explore the world. He is a people person and loves animals. He likes to play with somebody, go to the farm, go to a playground, go swimming, everything that involves personal attention, a lot of things happening around him or challenging games you will have the happiest baby in the world. He laughs a lot, he can walk and say a lot of words. His development is going very well at this stage in life and we are very proud of him. I am a young woman named Anfry and 28 years old. I am living with the father of my children and the love of my life Leoncio who is 31 years old. 


First I will tell you more about myself. I am a children psychologist. I work two days in my own practice. I guide children with different kind of needs. For an example: children with autism, highly intelligent children, children which are abused, anger management etcetera. It is a very challenging and fulfilling job. I also run a hair salon, i have a management function which means i can run the place mostly out of my own home. I love my jobs but mostly i love my family. they come first. What i think is the most important theme of my life is balance. I think the key to a successful and healthy & happy life is finding the right balance.  To keep the balance, we are looking for a Nanny who can help us out with things around the house and the kids. 


I am a loving and caring person, who is goal oriented, clear and busy. I like to have people around me, i like to go out for dinner and drinks and invite friends over for an enjoyable conversation. Leoncio is 31 years old. He is very friendly, kind, calm and a very good father. He is busy running his own company in the internet business. He works with his brother and they sell, develop and maintain websites and online marketing devices. During the week is he mostly out of the house on working hours. But sometimes he also should go on a business trip and he will be gone for the whole week. Normally he is at home in the weekends and in the evening. He has a lot of patience, he has a big heart and loves taking care of others. His key to success and a healthy life is honesty, commitment and kindness. He loves to be with his family in his free time, he likes to be at home and watch a movie or go out for dinner. His hobbies are fitness and relaxing around the house. 


What are we looking for in a nanny? 


We are looking for a nanny who has a lot of experience with very young children. Because you will get three of them under two years old it will be necessary to keep your head above water. You need to know the basics about taking care of little children in a physical and mentally way. It is important to know what they need and when they need it. Think about time to sleep, eat, bath, play and go outside etc. 

We have a cleaning lady coming every week so we don’t expect you to do a lot of cleaning, at least not the big thins. Little necessary things around the house will be a daily job. Think about preparing meals, the dishwasher, doing a laundry, keeping the floors, tables, kitchen and bedrooms clean after dinner, sleeping etc. 


We want someone who will also go on a holiday or weekend trip with us to help us out. 

I think the job is well fit for a person who loves the kindness, the love, the open hearted and the of young children. You will need a couple of skills as; a big kind loving and caring heart, a big flexibility, you should be stress resistant, you have to have great organize skills. 


We would like to have a nanny who can be one of the family members, a friend and a guide. It would be lovely if we can chat, have fun and take care of the family together sometimes and go out together like an amusement park or swimming. We are not looking for someone who is only there for the help but we would like you to be a part of the family. We would like you to be here for at least one year and hopefully when we both have a wonderful experience for a longer time. 


But we also want someone who likes her own privacy and respects ours, i think we can come to an agreement together in how we will manage these things so it will be joyful and good for everybody.


What can we offer you? 

We can offer you a lovely experience in Holland in a warm friendly house with loving and caring people and three amazing little boys. We will provide you enough working hours and money to have a very good life during your stay. You will have your own room and bathroom in the house. Of course, all the drinks and foods and trips and dinners will be at our costs. We will not only provide the necessary things. But we want you to feel at home and give you a wonderful time with our family and in Holland. Whatever we can give you we will give you like transport, phone, computer, contact with native people in Holland, possibility to learn the language at an institute. We will help you to find your way in Holland and give you the possibilities to explore Holland and meet up with people. We want you to feel free to ask and say anything in our house. You are one of us and we will listen to your opinions and make this work together. 


We want you to be happy, because a happy nanny means happy children and happy children means happy parents! 

Apply Below or call us on 09 6321138

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