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AuPair Needed For 2 Children in Doorn, Netherlands.

AuPair Needed For 2 Children in Doorn, Netherlands.

Author -  Pops

Based in Doorn, the Netherlands, this family consists of four people, mother (Amy), father (Hans), and two children, Anna ( age 6) and Seth( age 3). Although they are both playful and active kids, Anna tends to be more serious and can play for a long time with friends or just on her own. She loves to make music, dance and read and listen to stories. Seth is more active and loves to be outside, He is more extravert and outgoing, loves to cuddle and hug, and greets the world with a big smile on his face. 


Both parents are psychiatrists and work in hospitals or give trainings; they have both have lived overseas for several years and love international company, food and music. They each usually work 4 days a week, sometimes they are on call in the evenings or weekends. Hans usually works from home 1 day a week. During the weekends they love to go outdoors or we stay at home, work in the garden or have friends coming over for dinner. Their hobbies are listening to classical music, science fiction, boot camp, cycling, travelling and wood crafting. 


They live in Doorn, a lively village of around 10,000 inhabitants with many young families with children. There are 5 primary schools, 2 secondary schools and a Fashion Academy with quite a few students living in or around the village. Doorn lies within a National Park (the Utrechtse Heuvelrug) and has a very old history. It lies in a lush area with rivers, hills, forests and castles. It’s a 15 minute car ride or a 10 min train ride away from Utrecht, a bustling and historical university city, one of the four big cities in our country. It has canals like Amsterdam and a beautiful historical city centre, but without the enormous crowds of Amsterdam. 


In Doorn, there is a library, plenty of shops, restaurants, hairdressers, bars and play areas for kids or grownups. The bus-stop is at the end of the drive way and connects to Utrecht, Amersfoort and other nearby towns of Driebergen and Zeist where you find many more shops and cinemas. The area is known for its lush and green and relaxed atmosphere, miles of (mountain)bike/hiking trails and its many stables should you like horseback riding. There’s a pool, with steam bath and sauna facilities, many sports clubs (tennis, rugby, football, golf, field hockey, ice skating/rollerblading, yoga) in town and a river and lake to swim in in nearby towns. 


The family house is a former coach-house situated on a small estate. They totally renovated it and it’s now a state of the art modern looking house from the inside. There are several in- and outside fireplaces, floor heating. Outside it still breathes it’s historical atmosphere from the 1880’s. We have a large garden, with a little hill, forest, play area and many chill places with hammocks or lounge areas to find sun or shade. You will have your own room with a shared bathroom, but you may also use our outdoor shower, outdoor kitchen or bikes. They have no pets, but plan to raise chickens in the near future. They have a an electrical cargo bike and are also considering having a little car for you to use. 


They are looking for a (pro)- active, reliable, loving and responsible person, who is willing to become part of our family and is willing to be of an extra pair of helping hands to raise our children and keep our house clean and tidy. They hope you like to cook, read stories or listen/make music. They expect of you to do all kinds house-work, including dusting, cleaning, laundry, ironing and cooking. They would love it if you would take some initiatives yourself as well. 


Your room has a lot of privacy and its own entry to the house, all privacy you will need (including your own television). There is a computer in the study you can use with free internet-access. Furthermore, they will give you the opportunity to follow a language course. 


They will let you get acquainted with their customs, some of them are typical Dutch, some are more Asian (Amy’s from South Korea and Hans has partly German/Indonesian and Dutch roots) but they also respect your privacy and they expect you to give them privacy too. At present they have two nannies who take care of their children on alternate days, neither of them live at the home. 


You would mainly be helping with daily routines around the children in the morning/preparing them for school. They both attend school from 8.30-12, come home for lunch and return to school from 13.15 to 15.15 except on Wed/Fri when schools ends around 12.15 


They usually play with their friends at the house or in their friends house after school, all their friends live close by. You may take them to the pools, playgrounds or (petting) zoo’s or to their sports clubs/after school play hours once a week. One or two nights a week they would like you to baby-sit. Going by past experience you will have time off approximately 3 out of 4 weekends per month. 

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