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School girl to look after in Hangzhou

School girl to look after in Hangzhou

Author -  Hangzhou Family

It is an honour that we can invite you to our home and share a happy and relaxing time with each other. After my daughter came to world, I stayed at home looking after her and took charge of the whole household. 

My husband is busy now that he has his own company, so I am responsible for taking care of our daughter. We live in Hangzhou, a very beautiful city, it is famous for the name called “paradise in earth” in China. West lake is most beautiful and charming scenery in Hangzhou. Our house nears the west lake, and there are fully equipped facilities around here, like cinemas, shopping mall and there is sports centre around our house, Huanglong. 

Many large events are held in this sports centre, such as concerts and sports games. This sports centre is built on the Huanglong mountain, that is the reason why we call the Huanglong centre. If it is a nice day, my friend and I will climb that mountain, from the top of the mountain, you can overlook the west lake, then you can see the whole beauty of west lake. When you arrive, we can climb the mountain together, I believe that you'll love the beautiful scenery.

Once there is a vacation, we will choose some place which is quiet, peaceful and has charming and splendid scenery to visit. We all hold the opinion that traveling can make us relaxed and enjoying family time.

Let me introduce my family: my daughter, 5 years old, studies in kindergarten. She is outgoing and active,sometimes she is a little naughty. And she is interested in painting and dance. My husband is mature, steady and enthusiastic. My husband and I are hospitable. We are not strict because we all think that the child should have a happy and relaxing childhood.

If you decided to live with us and experience Chinese travel, we hope that you are a honest, kind young girl who loves children. We'd love you to make good friends with my daughter, have fun with her, communicate with her and help her improve her English skills. She is a outgoing and active girl, I believe you can get along well with her.

Look forward to you being here soon! 


Get up at 7:30 am, have breakfast at 8:00 am, take our daughter to school at 8:30 am, then dad goes to work. Lunch at 11
: 30. Pick up girl at 4:30 pm. Have dinner at 5:45 pm, after dinner free time, then go to sleep at 9:00 pm.:
On Saturday and Sunday morning, if it is a nice day, we will go out and visit some places, such as west lake, Xxi wetland park, go to museums or go shopping.
In the afternoon, stay at home.

Activities in your area: 

Go to cinema,theatre and concerts. Go shopping, attend cultural and art shows, go to the library and museum. Painting, calligraphy, climbing mountains, having picnic, swimming, working out, eating out, watching shows, attending friends and family gatherings.

Apply Below or call us on 09 6321138

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