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An AuPair is needed for a lovely, caring and joyful family, in Wassenaar.

An AuPair is needed for a lovely, caring and joyful family, in Wassenaar.

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We are a lovely, caring and joyful family; consisting of a (step)mother, Maaike, a (step)father, Sander, and our four lovely children: Teun (Sander’s son, born in 2008), Mijntje (Maaike’s daughter, born in 2009), Noor (Sander’s daughter, born in 2010) and Taeke (Maaike’s son, born in 2011). The kids are all very active, curious, interested and positive. 


They enjoy their time at school and outside of school hours they like to play with their friends, with each other and they exercise often with sports like field hockey, football, gymnastics. In addition, the girls are quite creative and like to draw, paint, dance and sing. They all like to cook as well. The kids live with us from Monday (after school) until Monday (when we bring them to school) every other week. When the kids reside with their other parents, we still join them in the weekends during sports activities or other important events in their lives. 


Mijntje and Taeke go to a school which is some 500 meters away from our home. Teun and Noor go to a school 8 km away from our home, close to their mother’s home. 


My husband and I both are active; Sander works 5 days a week as a head hunter and Maaike works 5 days a week as a CFO. We both work at international firms, which means we also travel occasionally. However, our weekends are fully dedicated to the children. During the weekends we usually do sports with the kids (we coach two field hockey teams), go out with the kids to meet friends and family or we stay at home to relax, play games and cook. We regularly have friends coming over for dinner. 


We live in Wassenaar. Wassenaar is a small city, close to The Hague. The Hague is one of the larger cities in Holland (500,000 people) with a lot of interesting things to see and to do. The city-centre of The Hague is 10 minutes by bus or a nice bike ride of 15-20 minutes. The city-centre of Wassenaar is 5-10 minutes by bus or a 10 minutes bike ride. The bus-stop is only a hundred meters walk from our house. There is a bicycle for you to take all times. We live in a residential area, very nearby a forest and not far away from the beach; you can have nice walks and cycle tours around the area. 


We are looking for a (pro)- active, energetic, reliable, loving, caring and responsible nanny, who is looking forward to becoming part of our family and enjoys helping out taking care of our children and also to help out with some house-work like ironing, ensuring the kitchen and the children's rooms are tidy (kids need to do this themselves), do some washes, helping with preparing meals. In fact, you would be a little bit responsible for our house and we would love it if you would take initiatives yourself as well. 


We will arrange a nice, comfortable and reliable housing facility for you near our house, with all privacy you will need (including your own television and computer/iPad). 


Because we have 4 children, with lots of activities as well as playdates and because the schools are a bit remote, we have another nanny (a Dutch lady, not living in our house), who takes care of the children as well. We expect the two of you to work together, coordinate and share the tasks, whilst creating a safe and joyful environment for the children. 


During the weeks the children live with us, we would like you to help and assist us from Monday to Friday from 3.00 till ca. 7.30 pm and on Wednesday from 12.00 till 7.00pm, during those "busy hours" when the children come home from school, have their play dates and other activities, need to eat until we come home from work. We would like you to pick up the children from school, help arrange play dates, support logistics to/from activities. In case we are not able to bring the children to school in the morning we will ask you to bring the children instead (this happens only seldom). Occasionally we will also ask you to look after the children in the evening. The remainder of the days you would have free time.


The weekends you will be free (unless there are special circumstances). Occasionally, we would like you to “baby sit” when we go out on an evening during the weekends, but we will always discuss this with you. One or two nights a week we would like you to baby-sit. 


During the weeks when the children reside with their other parent, we would like you to cook for us, clean the house once or twice a week, help with ironing, provide support in different ways (eg do some grocery shopping, occasionally drive us to a diner, help to organize diner events, help plan weekends away, etc). These weeks will be a little less predefined and likely will require less hours than the other weeks when the children are at home. 

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