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2 Boys in Beijing

2 Boys in Beijing

Author -  Beijing Family

We are a family from Beijing, the capital of China. It is centre of politic, economy and culture in China. It also is the famous ancient town and historical and cultural city in the world. 

There are many tourist attractions , like the great wall, the imperial palace, the forbidden city, the temple of heaven, the old summer palace, the bird nest, and the summer palace .

Now. I will introduce my family, I have a happy and wonderful family, there are 6 people in my home: the grandpa, grandma, the dad, the mom and our two lovely sons. 

First of all, let me talk about the two child-like grandparents, it seems that they never grow up, and they always keep the heart of children, at the daily life , they always sing ,dance, go to the grocery and play Chinese chess. They are all good at communicating with others. They are always happy and passionate about everything. They get along very well with the former Au pairs. 

Then the busiest and hardest man in our home, my husband, he started his own company after the graduation. Since the company is at the important stage, he is very busy everyday. But in that circumstance, he also spends some time accompanying the whole family. As my husband is so busy, I gave up my own education career which I love 3 years ago and have my full of concentration on the family. 

But fortunately, the two adorable boys make me so proud, they are all smart and active, outgoing and like communicating with other people. And they are willing to take in the new things, especially like English. But in some way, they are different, the big brother is more sensitive, likes talking to people, then the little son is more rational, likes music. So, when talking about how to educate them, you should adopt different ways for each of them.

We are so glad that you can join us and be a part of our family! We do hope you are well educated, optimistic and outgoing person. And you are approachable, like children, keep yourself clean and decent, also you should be interested in Asian Culture especially Chinese culture.

With warm wishes

The host mom

Activities in the area: 

  • Going to the cinema, theatre and concerts 
  • Shopping
  • Go to libraries
  • Museums 
  • Taking outdoor activities
  • Swimming and exercising, 
  • Eating out 
  • Watch shows

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