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Why One Year in the US Wasn't Enough!

Why One Year in the US Wasn't Enough!

Author -  Vicki Kenny

Kiwi Au Pair Nicole loved au-pairing in America so much, she went back to be a nanny for a second year!

She explains why she chose to go back with a new host family in Philadelphia and her experiences in the USA so far!


I loved my first host family so much but it was the right choice moving and being in a different location and experiencing something new. That’s what I am here for right?!

Nicole aupair international working holidays.jpg

Hi I’m Nicole and I am 21 from Whangarei, New Zealand. I decided to become an au pair because I wanted something new, I had been in my small town all my life and I needed something more. I looked into being an au pair and it sounded like a great way to travel and see the world. Also, I love caring for children so it sounded perfect. Meeting my host family for the first time was very nerve racking but also so exciting they were all so excited to meet me and there were ‘Welcome Nicole’ signs everywhere and the kids had baked a cake. They had asked me what my favourite colour was before I came and had set up my room with lots of things which made me feel very at home.

I think my favourite moment was when you really connect with the children you are looking after and seeing them grow and use what you have taught them. A big highlight was when we all went to Disney World for spring break that was pretty awesome. The way I shared some of my culture with my host family was that I cooked Christmas dinner for everyone and made what I would usually have at home like roast lamb, salads and a pavlova and they all loved it, even the 4 kids I looked after, and they were not easy to please. I love that you get to spend a year in the US and experience all the American holidays. Thanksgiving was an amazing experience, we had such a great time together and it really made me think about what I was thankful for and the food was amazing!!

Nicole aupair america toronto.jpg

I would definitely recommend the au pair program, so many people have asked me about it and I tell them all to go for it! It is such a good way to travel and meet so many people from around the world. You really make some life long friends from all over the place. I never thought that I would make such strong connections, but I have made some of the best friends I could have hoped for. Au Pair in America is an amazing agency who will help you every step of the way, I always knew that they would help me if I had any questions or problems.

I wasn’t ready for my au pair experience to end after one year so I have extended for another year in a different location with a different host family. I was unsure at the start, if it was the right choice but now I am certain it was the right decision because my first year was so great and I know that another year will be just as good and I have a lot more to see and do. I loved my first host family so much but it was the right choice moving and being in a different location and experiencing something new. That’s what I am here for right. I have always felt safe and welcomed since I arrived in America, I came here by myself not knowing anyone but have met some incredible people and have seen some amazing places. If you want to get out, see the world, gain more experience and meet some lifelong friends then, this is for you. Becoming an au pair will always be one of the best experiences, and I will always be grateful for it.


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