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Why Being a Nanny is the Best Job in the World!

Why Being a Nanny is the Best Job in the World!

Author -  Pops

1. You Get Paid to Play With Kids!

Being a nanny is one of the most fun jobs you can do! You get paid to be silly and play games!

nannies abroad kids playing.jpg


2. You Can Dress However You Like

There is no dress code for nannies (within reason!) no suits, or uncomfortable dresses, you can wear sweatpants and hoodies all day if you want!

nannies abroad hoodie.jpg

3. Fun Activities and Trips
You get to go to cool places for free! Trips to the zoo, boat rides, theme parks? Yes please!

nannies abroad theme park.jpg

4. You Have an Excuse to Watch Kids Movies
All those Disney movies you used to watch? You get to watch them all again!

nannies abroad movie time.jpg

5. Experience Another Way of Life
You can experience how a family lives in another country and get fully immersed in their culture! Living like a local.

nannies abroad american house.jpg

6. Travel
You can be a nanny all over the world! England, America, Spain, the options are endless! And not only that but some families take their nannies on holiday with them! Free week in the South of France, why not?!

nannies abroad holiday.jpg

7. Laughter
Every day will be different, and the kids will keep you laughing all day!

nannies abroad laughter.jpeg

8. Learn New Skills
Responsibility, Multi tasking, Creativity. You will come away from this job with so much more than you think you will. It will change you and make you an even better person!

nannies abroad skills creative.jpg

9. Free Hugs
You will get hugs every day! Who doesn’t love hugs!

nannies abroad hug.jpg

10. A Second Family
You will become incredibly close with your nanny family and make memories to last a lifetime! It also means you have somewhere to stay if you go back for a visit in that country!


nannies abroad family.jpg

What do you think? Love to hear your comments!

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