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Two Children in Northwood, London

Two Children in Northwood, London

Author -  Northwood Family

Welcome to our Family. We are a family of 4 who live in London. 

We are of Indian origin and are modern in outlook. We are Hindu by religion but we are not religious and have no religious requirements. We are a close family with strong family values. 

The Family
- Daddy – aged 44 years old. Works as an accountant in London. He has lived in New York and travelled extensively. He enjoys exercise and reading newspapers.
- Mummy – aged 43 years old. I work in financial services in London. I enjoy music and reading and being with friends and family. I work full time so am very keen to get someone I can trust with looking after my children.
- Daughter – aged 8 in October. She is a very kind and caring girl. She is very thoughtful of others and can be shy and very sensitive. She loves arts and crafts, colouring and making things but she also enjoys physical play and wrestling with her brother. She loves dancing, music, singing and musicals. She attends St Helens’ School which is only 5 minutes walk from our house. She is currently in the Year 2 and will be starting Year 3 in September. Her school hours are 8.45 am to 3.15pm everyday. She can read and will need help with homework.
- Son – 6 years old. He is a very loving and energetic boy. He can be shy with strangers and quietly spoken but at home he is lively and speaks a lot. He loves cars, trains, helicopters and motorbikes and most of all – ball sports. He loves physical play and running around. He loves music like his sister. He also likes to help around the house, drying dishes, baking cakes etc. He attends year 1 at Merchant Taylors Prep. He is also in full time school from 8.45am to 3.15pm. He is learning to read and will need help reading and with his maths homework. 

The Role
We are looking for a nanny to live with us and look after the children while we are at work – the nanny will have sole responsibility for the children while the parents are at work. The job is for Monday to Friday with weekends free. During term time, the children are in school during the day. During the holidays the nanny will have take care of the children all day. The role will also include two evenings of babysitting during the week where the nanny will have to put the children to bed – though we always ask for evening babysitting we have never used it but we are hopeful we may get to go out one day! As both parents work full time, we are looking for someone hardworking, caring and with initiative to look after the children as we would ourselves. The nanny will be the main carer while we are in work and will also be responsible for all aspects of the children's care including looking after their rooms, homework, school activities, diaries etc.

Main Tasks 

 Wake up with the children –7am. We would want the nanny to be awake and ready to take the children at this time.
 Prepare and feed breakfast
 Prepare school snacks daily and packed lunch when required.
 Get ready for school – Arun requires creaming. Both children need help with
 Drive children to school.
Daytime (during term time)
 Tidy up breakfast things – empty and reload dishwasher, tidy kitchen.
 Make their beds, tidy their bedroom.
 Prepare fresh healthy and tasty evening meal for children – Anjali will help
with menu planning
 Tidy children’s clothes, shoes, toys etc.
 Organise and keep the children’s bedrooms and play area tidy.
 Make play area appropriate for the children - organise and keep the play
area tidy.
 Keep clean any area used by the children, eg clean sink if children dirty it
after teeth brushing.
 Do your own and the children’s washing once a week. Iron children’s clothes
and put away.
 Wash yours and the children’s bedding once a week – iron, remake beds.
 Run errands relating to the children – eg collect Arun’s prescriptions.
 Look on the internet if the children need a costume for school etc – parents
will pay.
 Go shopping for any items that have run out.
 Go the library and get new books.

 Collect children from school.

 Change clothes
 Feed snack/drinks
 Undertake educational and fun activities
 Assist with homework – homework must be finished each evening
 Take to park or play in garden
 Feed children and eat dinner with them. Encourage good table manners.
 Tidy up dinner things and kitchen.
 Tidy up play area – in an organised fashion. Leave downstairs in a clean and
tidy state for when we get home.
 Give bath/shower to each child and get them ready for bed
 Cut nails, wash hair as appropriate
 Arun will require regular creaming when he comes home
 Put to bed
 Get things ready for next day, ensure things for school are washed and
packed (eg swimming bag, ballet bag etc).


We are Looking For...

Someone who is hardworking, kind, caring, trustworthy and reliable. 
 Mature and able to work independently with confidence. We need someone who will take pride in their work and has high work standards, not just a “do the basics” attitude.
 Genuine love of children – this is a childcare job and we need someone who will put the needs of our children fist.
 Previous experience of children – how to look after them, put them to bed, bathe them, feed them etc.
 Good cook – able to prepare healthy and nutritious meals. The nanny will mostly be cooking for herself and the children but if it is pasta or something that can be cooked in bulk, we would expect the nanny to cook enough for the whole family (twice a week if possible).
 Good education so she can teach and help our children with English and maths and arts. We want the nanny to inspire and enhance the children’s life.
 Experienced and confident driver – drive children to and from school.
 Be organised and proactive so she can take charge of the children’s schedule.
 Use initiative and do what needs to be done.
 Lots of energy to be able to look after them.
 Flexible and have Initiative so she is prepared to do whatever needs to be done.
 Good english skills to converse with the children and follow our instructions
 Patience – the children are young and patience is needed.
 Have lots of ideas and energy to keep them entertained.
 Family orientated
 Non smoker

 Must be able to commit to at least 12 months.

Where We Live
We live in an area called Northwood which is on the Metropolitan tube line in London. We live in a small village in the suburbs on London. We are about a 7 minute walk from the tube station and the tube takes 35 minutes to get to central London. The village is quiet, safe and pretty and also has a Waitrose supermarket, gyms, coffee shops etc. There is a large mall 20 minutes drive away and also another shopping centre in Harrow on the Hill which is 10 minutes on the tube. Oxford Street is about 40 minutes from our house.
We have a large 5 bedroom detached house and you will have your own double bedroom with ensuite bathroom. Wi-fi is available throughout the house and in your bedroom.

What do you think? Love to hear your comments!

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