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Nanny needed for Canadian brother and sister

Nanny needed for Canadian brother and sister

Author -  Vicki Kenny

Nanny wanted to help single mother with her two lovely children. 

The family are looking for a friendly, firm and loving nanny to care for a 8 year old girl and 5 year old boy. 

The girl loves makeup, dancing, animals and princesses, and the boy loves Lego, trucks and reading. 

The nanny would be welcomed into the family but also have plenty of space and spare time. They will have weekends off. 

During the week, duties would include taking the children to and from school, light housework and after school playtime. It is an estimated 4 hours' work per day.

The family are Christian and attend church regularly. They have a dog and enjoy getting out and about in the weekend, hiking and doing other activities.

There are plenty of restaurants, shops and pubs in the area. 

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