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Au Pair needed in Michigan

Au Pair needed in Michigan

Author -  MichiganAPIA

Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to our family. We live in the wonderful West Bloomfield, Michigan. Myself and my husband of 20 years have 4 beautiful children but don’t worry, our eldest children have left home and are attending college so you will just be looking after our 5 year old girl and 3.5 year old son. 

Our daughter is a very sweet girl, she loves gymnastics, dancing and swimming. She is also learning to play the piano and has tennis lessons. 

Our boy is an intuitive little guy, he loves reading books and being read to and is always exploring outside and running around after his older sisters. Our daughter is in kindergarten 5 days a week and our song attends a pre-school 3 days a week. As my husband and I both work full time we will need you to take the children to school and collect them in the afternoons. We both try to get home in time to have dinner with the kids and put them to bed but if we are held up at work or have evening commitments then we would need your help with preparing the children’s dinner and getting them ready for bed.

We have a great cluster of au pairs in our area and our community counsellor lives really close by. She organises lots of activities and trips for all the au pairs and we will make sure that you get to meet these other girls straight away when you have arrived.

You will have most weekends free to do your own thing but we would ask that you’d be flexible with us and if we want to have a date night every now and again that you would watch the kids. We will obviously agree these occasions with you in advance and will make sure they don’t clash with any plans you might have.

We are a very relaxed, fun family and do not set too many rules for our children. We believe in being honest and polite to one another and would expect our au pair to follow the same principles. We’d love our au pair to be someone who is passionate about working with children and who will love our kids as if they were her own.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you to our home!

What do you think? Love to hear your comments!

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