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Hunta Davies Au Pair in America Experience!

Hunta Davies Au Pair in America Experience!

Author -  Hunta Davies

I made the decision to go on this trip when I googled nannies abroad and found au pair in America.

I’ve always wanted to be a nanny and decided I wanted to take this year as a gap year from studying in New Zealand and that Au Pair in America looked perfect for me.

It didn't take me long to book, after thinking about it and looking at all areas I decided to book after about 3 weeks. I spoke to representatives from different agencies and had long conversations with my family and friends who all helped me decide this was the right way to go!

my first day in NYC after arriving. It was in the middle of winter and was 32 degrees F (0 degrees C)

There were a few factors that made me choose this trip. The Au Pair in America programme itself, my love for children (being able to look after them and live with a family in another country), the chance to see another country and have the chance to travel, and also the cost (was very affordable). All these factors pushed me more and more toward Au Pair in America.Au Pair Hunta Davies (5).jpg

Au Pair Hunta Davies (1).jpg

Washington DC for the weekend, first weekend that I travelled afar.

Just before boarding the flight, I felt a mixture of emotions. Mainly Excited for my next adventure in life, but also a little sad as I was leaving my family and life behind as that is all I have ever known. Naturally I felt a little worried for what was coming at the other end, but once I meet my family all these worries disappeared.

When I arrived, I was picked up at the airport and taken to orientation where I met other au pairs that arrived at the same time as me. We stayed at a hotel for a couple of nights before we went to meet our families. I was picked up from the hotel by my host mom and she drove me home where I was welcomed home by my kids and the host dad. We had a house tour then a nice family dinner! My favorite part was meeting my family and becoming apart of there family, this meant so much to me because I was going to be here for the whole year. The first impressions are the one that is remember most!!

Au Pair Hunta Davies (2).jpg

the bean in Chicago. This was my first abroad trip by myself. My family was in Europe so I went to Chicago by myself for the week.

I gained an abundance of experiences that I will be able to use in the future, such as being open minded, thankful and accepting. I learnt that these things are super important for you to survive in any lifestyle that you are living in!

The most challenging part about my stay thus far has been that my host family is Jewish. There are a lot of religious activities that my family observes and it was naturally challenging to change habits that I have had throughout my life that isn’t okay in the house. I was persistent in making sure that I was working on changing these habits and soon enough I didn’t even realize I was changing them, they just become natural!!

Au Pair Hunta Davies (3).jpg

Just as spring hits me and my friends hired bikes and rode around Central Park in NYC.

The moment I have felt most proud of myself during this experience was getting on the plane!!

Taking the big first step. I am proud because it was so hard to walk away from my family and the life that I have known, I just kept telling myself that they are only a phone call away and they are going to be there when I got home.

Au Pair Hunta Davies (4).jpg

My friend and I before we went up the 360 observation deck in Philadelphia. We went for the memorial

I think for other people considering doing this, there are so many reasons to say yes!! It is a great experience if you are wanting to travel and be apart of another culture but don’t necessarily have the money, and you meet so many different people and make friends for life. I have learned a lot about myself and you will as well if you take part in the Au Pair in America program!!

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