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The Process

This is a summary of the process of applying for Au Pair in America.

Please check back here often once you apply to see where you are at.

  1. Apply online
  2. Complete the application forms
  3. Submit
  4. Auckland Office check your application and a local interviewer will contact you for an interview time that suits you.
  5. Attend your interview - this is where we get to know you on behalf of the American families.
  6. While your interviewer compiles your report online, you gather any missing documents and give to interviewer
  7. Upload your post interview forms online. (medical etc)
  8. The London office process your application and assess your acceptance.
  9. You download your Acceptance Pack.
  10. Once accepted, your application is uploaded to the USA Office where they match it with possible families.
  11. Families call you to talk about the job and you.
  12. Once you decide on a family your flight is booked and a Placement Pack appears on your Homepage on my.aupairinamerica.com page.
  13. Your visa papers and application instructions are sent to you from USA.
  14. You apply for your visa at the US Consulate in Auckland.
  15. You fly to America to start your exciting year.

It seems like a long process but once you get past numbers 1 through 5, things start happening really quickly. Families may call you as soon as two weeks after your interview. We have scheduled departures throughout the year.

The most difficult part is filling out the application forms. This is your first test.

We recruit all year - departures for USA are every two weeks so you can choose your departure month and your family!

We've been doing this since 1994, so we are most experienced International Nanny Agency in New Zealand.
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