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I might be going to a Hangi this weekend! Apparently there is a NZ consulate in New Hampshire that takes care of New England - I didn't even know there was one! An Aussie Au Pair that I met at orientation is just out of Boston and some ex Au Pair and told her about a group called ANZAC, who get together once a month. And anyway Michelle told her about me and so this girl gave Michelle an invite to give me for this hangi! So I rung the guy and hopefully I will get to meet some other NZ'ers in this area!!! I started a yoga class last night at one of the College's, and am also starting Sports Massage tonight. I'll get one credit for each subject. You don't officially get a credit but Jeannie (counselor) is giving us one! That's cool because the classes are fun! i think I might do Intro to Psychology next semester! And I don't even go over my $500 limit - which I guess is very rare!!! Rebecca.

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