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All is well here....I have been very lucky to be placed with such a nice family. The parents are young and relaxed and I have hung out with both of them over the past few days. The kids are just adorable and Hunter (6 year old) follows me around everywhere and his parents suspect his first crush....so cute!! So my 'host Dad' came to pick me up from the hotel in his flash BMW and drove me up to Boston to meet the rest of the family. They are incredibly nice, the kids are adorable (if not a little hyperactive at having me arrive) and my bedroom/bathroom/living room is an absolute palace - lovin' it!! And yes, the Mercedes SUV was waiting for me in the garage, just as promised, although I haven't been brave enough to take it out and drive yet. I was joined to the health club today and have access to the most incredible gym I have ever seen in my life! There is also a professional tennis dome attached to it which I may have to go and check out....ahhh, this is the life! The family is all home over the next couple of days to help me settle in and they are planning on taking me for a tour of Boston on Sunday. I have a group 'cluster' meeting with other au pairs in a couple of weeks which will be nice to meet some other people my age....apparently we are going kayaking. Nicole L, from Nelson.

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