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Driving in America


You can drive in most states in USA on an International Driving Licence (together with your full NZ licence). 

For details on how to apply for your International Driving Licence (no testing required) please see the NZ AA website. Please note this licence is only valid for 12 months at which time you need to obtain a licence in the country you are in to continue to drive there legally. Some states like California require you to get a licence on arrival. Your community counsellor will help you do this.

Do I need my full licence?

Yes - to nanny overseas you will be required to 'ferry' kids around all over the place. For information on getting your full licence please see the LTSA website.

What if I only have my Restricted?

We can take your application if you have a Restricted Licence as long as you will have your Full Licence by the time you fly out for orientation. You can reduce the length of your Restricted Licence by taking a Defensive Driving Course - please see the NZ AA website for details.


AAA Driving Course

After placement your Host Family may choose to send you on an Arrival AAA Driving course to alleviate yor fears of riving on the other side of the road. The course is classroom based and is a combination of lecture, hands-on activities, video and other media to ensure maximum understanding. The focus is on driving safely with children, vehicle awareness and reducing risks while driving.

The classroom has a mock roadway with street signs and pavement markings. The au pairs who took part on the courses found this really helpful in understanding the differences in road signs and rules from those in their home country. All the au pairs who have taken part in the course say their questions were answered in a very clear and helpful way and they left the orientation to join their host families feeling much more confident about driving in the US. We are sure you will feel the same!


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