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Nanny or Au Pair in America

Nannies Abroad™ was the first nanny agency in New Zealand to send nannies to USA legally


That was in 1993 so we are really experienced. And we're still doing it - and 100% Kiwi owned.

We only send nannies overseas - we don't place Kiwi Nannies in New Zealand so we dedicate all our time to finding you that perfect position!

  • We will find you a fabulous placement with a screened family, before you leave New Zealand. 
  • Once placed we will arrange your flights, sponsor your visa and help you get everything you need ready before you leave.
  • Flights to USA depart from Auckland every two weeks so you get to choose when to go. 
  • You choose your family and you'll be placed before you leave home. 
  • We have successfully placed every Kiwi that has applied and been accepted onto the program, into a great family, since 1996. 
  • It's free to apply but you must meet the minimum application criteria. 
  • You must be aged 18-26 years old for the US Visa. Unfortunately there are no exceptions to this rule.

There are two levels of positions and pay depending on your experience and or qualifications, but three programme options.


Which one you can apply for?

Au Pair Extraordinaire

Au Pair Extraordinaire

Au Pair Extraordinaire is for fully qualified and or very experienced nannies, to America. We offer legal jobs in screened families plus extra pay.... More

Au Pair in America

Au Pair in America

Nanny legally in USA and have the best year of your life! To allow you be a nanny or au pair legally in America we sponsor your visa, screen your family and provide support throughout your year.... More

Educare in America

Educare in America

As an option of the Au Pair in America programme you can choose to study more and do a little less childcare so that you can attend classes.... More


"Just wanted to say that I'm safe and well in the USA. I'm living with a wonderful family and I am enjoying myself very much. Orientation was excellent , also very informative. Thank you very much for making this possible!" Becky, Nanny from Invercargill placed in Connecticut.

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We've been doing this since 1994, so we are most experienced International Nanny Agency in New Zealand.
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