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Nanny in England

We offer young New Zealanders planning a working holiday, the opportunity to have UK Nanny jobs organised for the day of your arrival in England.

Our service is comparable to none, everything from advice on which visa to apply for, help on choosing a family (if needed) and assistance finding flights - right through to our brilliant stress free visa service. We place all our nannies before they leave NZ making the whole thing super hassle free. 

We've been doing this since 1994 so that makes us
the most experienced International Nanny Agency in New Zealand.

We have placed every Kiwi nanny (100% of accepted applicants) since 1994.

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Nannies Abroad can help

Our London branch is available for you after placement if you have any concerns or questions, and also to link you up with other nannies in your area. 

Types of jobs available

Most jobs are live in, as that way you can save all your earnings for travelling. More

What you need to apply

If you have child care experience and can get references, we would like to help you get a great job in the UK. More

Visas for the UK

If you are aged 18-30 or have British parents you may be able to work in the UK for up to 5 years. More

We want to make sure that your stay in the UK is a happy one

and to this end we will endeavour to find the best job for you. There is a good demand in the United Kingdom for young people with or without qualifications to work in the field of childcare and since New Zealanders have proven themselves to be capable, willing, hardworking and adaptable they have become a popular choice for families looking for help - we drive on the same side of the road and speak the same language!

What now?

Complete our PDF Application form

Check out some jobs in the UK

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*for best results completing the application form please use Adobe Reader

We've got your flights and Insurance covered too.

You can easily book your flights and insurance through our Travel Department IWH Travel using a handy phone app 


When you arrive in the UK:

  • 99% of our nannies have a job to arrive to so the family collects them, if not we can arrange an airport transfer (additional cost) - then we arrange interviews for you soon after you settle in. 
  • We will offer accommodation if you have nowhere to stay (we have budget hostel accommodation options for you) 

Once you have started work:

  • We will put you in touch with our network of other nannies in your area 
  • We will keep in touch, particularly in the first few weeks, to make sure all is going well 
  • We have a 24 hour line for any problems you might have


"I have been here 2 weeks and now have a fantastic job.  I am provided with a car! The family  have houses in France, Spain, Switzerland, Australia and London. On flights out of Europe, the kids and I fly business class!". Gina.


We've been doing this since 1994, so we are most experienced International Nanny Agency in New Zealand.
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